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cashback scripts

Analog IT Solutions is the top-notch cashback website development company in India provide end — to end Cashback solution all over the world.

To develop a reliable cashback website we provide customized cashback script. We provide 24*7 Technical Support, cost-effective services to our clients.

Our team of experts develops cashback scripts for both web and mobile applications. Cashback mobile applications will be developed in both android and ios.

cashback website business model

Affiliate Cash Back Website Business Model

Our custom cashback script will attract the client’s attention towards the online cashback business. Cashback business is the latest & popular business model in the on-going scenario. Most people expect offers and discounts on online purchases. So Cashback website came to the business world.

Cashback websites are the platform that provides some amount of your money back to users and this is the acceptable method of online shopping and e-commerce. Starting the cashback website business is the simplest way to make a huge income. So, Multiple business owners want to create a cashback website.

Best wordpress cashback website features

search & filter function

Search & Filter Functions

Based on multiple complex inputs, we inbuilt advanced search and multi-filter options for deals, merchants and categories in our cashback script process. This allows more customer engagement by specifying trending search results for decision making

store mapping

 Store Mapping

This is one of the most important features in the cashback script process because all the stores, brands, and merchants are mapped to its respective affiliate networks, for better grouping & feed aggregation.

API - XML feed extractor

API &XML Feed Extractor

API feed Import feature has the capability of auto importing deals, coupon feed from any affiliate, who provides API integration. XML or CSV based feed import, which is considered as the semi-automatic process helps in automating the update of deals, from affiliates, who don’t provide API support. 

instant deals cashback tracking

Instant Deals & Cashback Tracking

We develop cashback script solution in such a way that most of the affiliated transaction can easily be tracked and updated instantly by using pixel tracking concept. 

automated bank transfer module

Automated Bank Transfer Module

We use an automated bank transfer module in our cashback script development process. This helps users to directly pay into their bank account during payout. This feature plays a vital role and ensure’s long term customer loyalty. 

SEO advanced analytics

SEO & Advanced Analytics

We believe google analytics is the best SEO tool for insights and reporting. Our Cashback website development process includes an analytics dashboard, which is fully integrated with analytic data in the back-end. 

How Cashback website works?

cashback works flow