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How to Develop a Taxi Booking App Like Ola/ uber?

Features of Taxi Booking App Development

In this modern era, the number of mobile users is greater than the number of desktop users.

Business Owners have recognized the need to efficiently use mobile applications to attract more customers.

In big cities with immense traffic and with fewer parking areas, it becomes extremely common to rely on public transportation, bikes, and rented cars for traveling.

Taxi Services allow people to eliminate all those parking and maintenance troubles. So for a transportation company taxi or car booking mobile application is the best choice for reaching out to potential customers. 

Nowadays people are showing great interest to use taxi applications to travel from one distance to another. With this drastic shift to mobile applications the taxi app development is the perfect solution for local businesses to reach out to more customers and enhance the business. 

In the transportation sector, the trend of taxi or car booking mobile app development has exceedingly enhanced the user experience. 


The following are the important features of the car and taxi mobile app development. These features are standard across all the taxi and car rental applications. 

  • API Integration
  • Registration
  • Routing, GPS tracking, and MAPS
  • Push notifications 
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Profile and Ratings

Apps are built on API. Through API Integration it will be easy to integrate new client apps irrespective of the platform of your app is built on.


The registration process is quite simple in almost all the recent apps as most of the apps are allowing registration through Facebook and Gmail accounts. The application automatically retrieves the data from Facebook and Gmail so that you don’t need to fill-up details during the sign-up process. 


This feature plays a significant role in the Taxi or car rental app development services as we can easily keep track of the driver arrival time and locate the driver location.

Using this GPS feature, passengers can easily point out the pick-up location without typing the address manually.  With the help of maps, drivers also can easily identify the user’s location. So for both users and drivers convenience, GPS tracking is mandatory for your taxi booking application.


SMS and Push Notifications are used to notify users about important information like promotions, alerts on rental plan expiring period, notification about the trip when the driver accepts the request, taxi arrived time, etc. For SMS notifications you need to take the services of communication providers.


This feature enables the passengers to pay the payment right from the application by using digital wallets etc. InApp payment is a very good practice which we should allow passengers to follow in the taxi mobile applications. 


This feature shows the complete history of the previous rides and transactions.


This feature helps to calculate the cost of the trip. 


Profiles and ratings are the important features which help you to monitor your driver’s behavior, the safety of passengers and you can easily identify problems faced by customers in early stages. Even by allowing drivers to rate passengers as well we can make this process more valuable. 

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