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price comparison website development

Price comparison website helps customers to compare and find the best deals, coupons, cashback offers on consumer products from various merchants which are popular all over the world. The basic idea of Price comparison portals is to save the money of consumers by providing the consumer products at a low price and also save the time of the customer by avoiding the hassles of window shopping.

How Price Comparison Portal Works?

Basically, Price comparison websites charge less for customers to access the website. When a consumer registers with their email address or purchases something from a price shopping site, retailers will either pay a fee based on the user clicks or pay every time a user performs a specified action.

Analog IT Solutions provides Price Comparison Website Development Services with all the features and develops the process with minimal clicks at a competitive rate that matches all requirements of both sellers and buyers. They are monetized through payments from listed retailers.

The Price Comparison Website Solutions of Analog IT will be equipped with the following features:

price comparison portal works

The Price Comparison Website Solutions following features:

 Products Comparison Page 

The Products comparison page is the page where all products are displayed with their description and prices to compare. When the user clicks on the listed product it will redirect to the provider’s website to complete the purchase.

Product Details Pages

Product details are obtained from the database where they come either via API integration with the merchant’s system or manually when a supplier adds it to the price comparison portal

Search & Filters

When customers browse the keywords in the search bar and the system processes the request and displays the results at once on the screen. To make the search more user-friendly for the users you can add categories, multiple filters, etc…

Price Alert

This feature helps to send notifications via emails, SMS to the subscribers regarding price drop for the best deals. 

MultiLanguage & Multi-Currency Feature

This is a very important feature that helps business owners to engage the audience from different countries and locations. 

Price History

This feature helps users to view previous order history and allows them to view trends and changes in the purchase activity. 

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