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How to Build a Food Delivery Business App?

Food Delivery App Development

With the potential increase in the usage of the Internet and electronic devices, the growth of the food delivery app development business has increased all over the world.

People are looking forfood delivery applications because of the Hectic schedules, irregular work hours, and chaotic life has made it impossible for people to cook for themselves at home. People can get the desired food at their doorsteps withfood delivery apps.

But there are a lot of food delivery apps in the market. To compete with the robust market and cash in on the success of food delivery services your Best food delivery app Application should function perfectly for both consumers and restaurant owners with all the right features, supported by smart infrastructure and user-friendly design and functionality.

Creating a successful food delivery app was quite a challenging process. Analog IT Solution team of experts is here to help you build an amazing food delivery application. In this article, we will explore the process of developing a food delivery application.

Process of Developing food delivery application

In a single app, we have to create three types of logins. Based on the type of log in the interface of the app changes.

  • Consumer Interface
  • Restaurant Interface
  • Delivery Interface

Consumer Interface:

In this, the interface changes as per the requirements of consumers. Before placing an order users can easily check for offers in this interface.

Restaurant Interface:

Whatever the orders placed by users can be managed by restaurant owners in this interface.

Delivery Interface:

Here delivery executives can manage the pickup and drop off orders with the addresses available in this interface.

Let’s take a look at the features of each stakeholder’s requirements.

Food delivery app features for the Consumer

The following are the basic features required for the consumer panel.

Sign-up/Login Page:

This is the basic feature that is required for every app. A simple, quick and attractive signup/Login page should be created in order to win the customer’s loyalty. Customers can create an account either by using email id or mobile number and can also use third-party apps like Facebook/google credentials to create an account as per their convenience.

Profile Page:

Upon completion of creating an account, you should be able to access the profile section page. The profile page consists of saved addresses, saved payment options for easy access, order history, saved restaurants/Dish.

Search for restaurants and Dishes:

Consumers can easily choose favorite restaurants and dishes with the search locator. The search function is very much necessary to filter the consumer’s choices. Users can easily access the restaurant pricings, menu offerings, prices, special offers, comments, promotions, etc.

Order Placement:

After making their choices customers can easily and quickly place their orders in the app. The ability to add or delete items from an order is necessary, and an order summary should be displayed before placing the order.

Payment Processing:

Payment processing should be fast and secure without any payment failures for customers. Multiple payment options should be enabled to allow users to choose their convenient payment options.

Real-time Tracking:

After placing an order consumers have to be informed of the live order status(order placed, food being prepared, order pickup info, etc) through notifications or real-time tracker.

Add a new Delivery Address:

Customers might place an order from different locations so they should be able to add a new delivery address to receive an order to their preferred address.

Reorder previous order food items:

Users can easily repeat and order the previous order of food items and take less time to finish up the order process.

Loyalty Rewards:

User reward programs play a vital role in the success of your food delivery application. Offering rewards is a great way to boost loyalty and the rewards may be either through an app or through a particular restaurant. Cashback offers, discounts, free delivery, membership options, referral programs, etc entice new customers to use your food delivery application. The goal of the app should be to attract new customers and retain old users.

Food delivery app features for the Restaurant

The following are the features which have to be considered for creating restaurant panel:

Registration Page

Same as consumer panel, this page should allow restaurant owners to create an account with their business details like name, address, etc.

Admin Dashboard

Upon completion of the registration process, restaurant owners should be able to access the dashboard page where they can track, monitor and manage orders in real-time. Admin dashboard provides all the orders summary which is received from the customer.

Content Management Functionality

To attract customers, restaurant owners should update their menu with new dishes. This content management section should be easily accessible to restaurant owners to update their images, pricing, ingredients in dishes, promotional offers and any other information which they can offer.

Order Management

Restaurant owners should be able to see incoming orders and update the status of the orders. Sometimes restaurants may run out of the ingredients which are required to prepare for the consumer designated dish. When that happens, there should be given an option for restaurant owners to accept or reject the order. It is very much important to notify the customer immediately about the order confirmation or rejection.

Order Tracking

Order tracking provides real-time updates to users with the food being prepared info to order out for delivery info.

Cross Interface communication

Restaurant owners should be able to update the order status for both consumers and delivery executives.

Ex: Order is ready for pick, the Delivery agent picked up the order, etc.

Receive Payments

Restaurants should be able to receive payments automatically once the food gets delivered by the delivery agent. Although, you need to make sure that the payment is released only after the customer confirms that their order has been received.

Food delivery app features for the Delivery Agent

It’s a delivery agent’s responsibility to pick up the food from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer’s location. To handle all the delivery aspects, delivery agents should have a separate interface in the food delivery app. This delivery agent app can help to manage pickup and drop off orders in a quick time. This also helps to communicate with restaurant owners and customers.

The following are the basic features which should include in the delivery stakeholder’s app


Just like customers and restaurant owners, delivery agents also should register themselves first and log in using their email Id, Password or through social media accounts. Here delivery agents should submit documents for verification purposes.


After registration, it will redirect to manage orders page where they can change their status to active and looking for orders or offline.

There should be an option for delivery agents to accept or reject an order delivery. If any order delivery is rejected the same will be automatically reassigned to the other active delivery agent


A list of available orders and details of each order such as size, expected delivery time, etc should be mentioned along with the pickup and drop locations. Real-time order status like order placed, order accepted, in-process, order delivered, rejected orders, canceled orders, etc should be mentioned here and communicate it to restaurant owners and consumers via notifications.


Delivery agents should be able to check the daily earnings along with a filter option like yesterday’s earnings, weekly earnings, 30 days earnings and 6 months earnings.

5.Loyalty Program

Just like customers, here also you need to attract delivery agents with loyalty programs to signup on your platform. You should provide a sign-up bonus for each friend referred to join as a delivery agent. This a great way to ensure brand loyalty and also increase brand exposure.


This feature helps delivery agents to view completed deliveries and can make notes about the restaurant and the consumers which might be helpful for future reference.


A rapid increase in mobile penetration and cutting-edge technologies assist food businesses to reach out to their potential customers. That is why online food delivery systems are on boom these days.

If you are in the food domain and want to boost the sales of your business, then you must try with online food ordering mobile app development that includes all the essential features and modules.

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