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As technology is evolving it is very essential for businesses to adapt to the dynamic changes in the market and regularly upgrade the software applications. The success of any application doesn’t solely depend on the development, but also on the Quality.

No matter how well the software is designed but if there are any technical glitches then it hinders the users. So it is mandatory to perform software testing and Quality assurance testing to the applications to assure flawless user experience, sleek operation and also to meet the overall quality aspects of the system

Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services at Analog IT Solutions:

Analog IT Solutions offers a wide range of software testing services and solutions for the next generation enterprises and ISVs across the globe.

Our experienced and skilled testing professionals implement testing methodologies from the earliest stage of the project. Our testing services are designed specifically to help our clients in meeting their quality assurance goals. We have adopted industry-standard software testing models and techniques that help us deliver cost-effective, bug-free applications to our clients with minimal risk.

Following are the services of Analog IT Solutions

Automation Testing Services

Being the best automation testing company, we deliver superior testing services by using the best automation testing frameworks and tools. From automating regression sets to designing new test cases we maintain quality and effectiveness in the whole process.

Functional Testing Services

We provide functional testing services across different verticals and for multiple platforms like mobile, desktop, cloud and web services testing. Our performance testing process involves testing user commands, user screens, searches, data manipulation, and other integrations.

Mobile App Testing Services

Analog IT Solutions is one of the best mobile app testing companies as we impart mobile automation testing services using tools like Appium, Calabash, Selendroid, Robotium and more. We offer in-depth and wide expertise mobile app testing services, across various industries.

Performance Testing Services

Analog IT Solutions provides end-to-end performance testing services for multiple domains and platforms like mobile, web, cloud and analytics. Based on our client’s requirements, we offer quality and assured performance testing solutions.

Security Testing Services

Analog IT Solutions has emerged as the best security testing company as we always follow Open Web Security Project guidelines in our security testing services. We have a team of experts to rigorously test for all possible threats and vulnerabilities in the applications.

API Testing Services

Analog IT Solutions provides the best API testing services by thoroughly verifying functionality, performance, and security of the applications. We offer Application Programming Interface(API) service like Unit Testing which is used for checking the functionality of individual APIs

Cloud Testing Services

We provide a comprehensive range of cloud testing services by customizing the tests according to the requirements of our clients. We validate the accuracy of cloud attributes like multi-tenancy, elasticity, security, availability, interoperability, and metering in the multi-instance loaded environment.

Manual Testing Services

Businesses are placing great importance on cost optimization and allocating an increased budget for quality assurance and software testing. Manual testing provides a realible and accurate way of derecting flaws in a software application.