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Mobile Application Generates More Sales Than Website

Research has been giving clear display that how mobile usage is increasing day by day and also how people are using smart phone for daily needs. The main reason that people are attracting to smart phone is as it is easy to use and easy to carry. When an application is installed in mobiles it is easy to open and browse the category according to the need. Because of this the ecommerce platform is showing positive effects with mobile phones. Even though the websites serve the same but mobile applications are showing higher rates of sales. Also using a mobile application is much easier than browsing a website. There are many such factor which are supporting this point they are

Our marketing team follows all the app store optimization techniques to entice the maximum number of users to download and retain the application.

Analog IT Solutions Mobile app Marketing Services

App Marketing Consultation

To understand the niche competition, app objective, and benefits of app promotion we provide app marketing consulting services to businesses.Our experts craft a unique app marketing strategy for ensuring the success of the application and generate user interest.

App User Acquisition

We customize the user acquisition plan for your mobile application. Our expertise marketers follow user acquisition app marketing strategies which include mobile ads, banner ads, native ads, video ads, email, and ASO (App store optimization)

Pre-launch App Marketing

Pre-launch app Marketing strategies play a vital role in the success of the application Before the launch of the application, our expert mobile app marketers create a positive buzz by following activities like influencer outreach campaigns, social media updates, Email Marketing, and blog posts.

App Store Optimization

App store optimization is very important to improve the app’s visibility in App stores because most of the users come from app store searches. Our ASO experts optimize the app by using relevant keywords, titles, descriptions, beautiful screenshots, a clear and recognizable logo to increase the app’s visibility. We make sure that your application meets the store’s guidelines and ranking criteria to rank at the top of the search and get more app installations.

App Analytics and Reporting

To have an insight into the performance of your application we track the user during the entire app life cycle. The app analysis provides us the required metrics related to the user performance in the application which helps us to optimize the application for long-term user retention. We also provide weekly reports to our clients about the performance of the applications and the areas where there is scope for improvement.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the most effective marketing strategy because influencers have already built trust with their followers and fans. So, when influencers tell about your app features and benefits then there is much chance that their audience will download your application by trusting the influencer.Analog IT solutions have contacts with renowned social media influencers who collaborate with us to highlight your application in front of their users and followers.