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What Is Artificial Intelligence and how it works?

Artificial intelligence is the term which also justifies the meaning of machine intelligence. In simple phenomena it is explained as intelligence of the computers unless the use of human being intelligence. It allows the machines to carry out the task as effective as human beings. It allows the machine to learn the techniques to perform the output. This phenomenon is carried out in the year of 1956 to make the tech happening easily. Following advanced algorithm, data volumes, development in storage and power made this technology more accepted in these days. This word mainly used for developing the intellectual process of human characteristics like discovering the significance, reasoning ability, learning from the practice, etc. The main intention to launch this technology is to cut down the difficult tasks. Human brain that is associated to machine in solving and learning the problems. The research of artificial intelligence includes way of thinking, information, demonstration, preparation, learning, general language processing, and the ability to process the project.

Examples To Understand Artificial Intelligence Better?

  • Apple phone personal assistant named as “Siri” which helps us to come across the needed information like direction, messages, calling, invents, etc.

  • “Alexa” that works by listening the voice from wherever in the space to manage alarm, activities, web feed, etc.

  • “Tesla” a smarter car that is designed with the features of own driving and auto coolness.

  • “Boxever” the newest strategy to serve the travellers and help them during the journey

Types Of Artificial Intelligence

There are almost 4 types of artificial intelligence which is named as
  • Relative machines
  • Limited memory
  • Theory of mind
  • Self awareness

Reactive machines

This intelligence has the ability neither to create memories nor to use the past experience to run present decisions.


Deep blue, IBM’s chess playing super computer. Deep blue will helps to predict the coins on the chess board by moving the most the best from optional and also identify the opponent moves.

Limited memory

This intelligence will work on having the past experience


Self driving of a car. This will work on by observing others cars speed and direction. It takes times to identify other object and to precede the function.

Theory of mind

This intelligence exposes the globe along with its agents and entities that are the part of the world. It represents emotions of living beings and objects. This helps us to understand each other and also how we should be treated. This is the difference between machines and the machines we have known. Overall we have to work on this intelligence in future.


This is the addition for theory of mind which defines the formation of representation by themselves. It explains that we have to focus on the accepting memory, learning, skill to decide based on the earlier period. This is the main step to understand the human intelligence.

Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence

  • Less Human errors
  • Task without involvement of human
  • All time availability
  • Handling multiple tasks
  • Quick decision maker

Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

  • High cost technology
  • Unemployment
  • Fails to think out of the box